Nancy Ly is a 2nd generation Asian-American. Her parents are of Vietnamese and Chinese descent, and they immigrated to San Diego, CA after surviving the Vietnam War. As the eldest girl among all her 22 cousins, Nancy grew up with a high sense of responsibility and fought hard to make her family proud in order to redeem her refugee family's story in America, and the pursuit of the "American Dream". She attended the University of CA, Berkeley, where she studied Psychology and Education, and became the first to graduate college from her family. From there, she went on to do non-profit work and corporate human resources in New York City and San Diego. In 2014, she realized her ability to make a greater impact on the world and for her family's future by becoming an entrepreneur within the financial & insurance industry. As she grew in her journey of leadership development, communication, and sales ability, she became a top producer in her firm, but eventually realized how much of her identity was wrapped in her performance, career, and family's expectations for her life. After burning out for the umpteenth time, she realized something had to change. 

In 2017, she took a pause from her career and began her healing journey, where she realized how much shame and trauma she had been carrying from her upbringing and the history of her shame-based culture and ancestors. Breaking free of her family's identity over her life and heavy pressures for perfection and achievement, Nancy began healing from her past and became certified by the American Board for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and NLP Coaching in order to help her clients to receive the same breakthrough healing and life transformation she had received.

Nancy also contributes as a host to the "Erasing Shame" podcast as she uncovers stories and nuances of shame, particularly to the Asian-American community. She completed a program called "Life Skills Int'l", where she has completed over 126 hours of learning and self-connection to healing from shame, childhood wounding, abuse, and understanding healthy relationships and self-identity.

Nancy currently lives in San Diego, CA, and is an active leader in her Christian church community. She has a huge passion for international volunteer work, helping orphans and under-served communities, as well as helping people be set free to be their best self! She has traveled to nearly 25 countries, and her heart is to see unity, compassion, and for people of all cultures to be fully embraced and loved for the unique gifts that they each bring to the world because people, diversity, and cultures are beautiful!